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They contemplate adjustments to works of the road network of Cartagena | THE UNIVERSAL

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LCartagena residents have been waiting for the first phase of rehabilitation of the road network since February, when the tender was opened, however, there would still be at least two weeks before these works contracted for $ 7,996 million start.

After a process that was extended, due to the number of interested bidders (167 offers), at the beginning of June the contract was awarded as follows: AGE Ingeniería SAS (Lot 1), Consortium RJ8 2 (Lot 2), and Consortium OA 2021 (Lot 3). Later, at the end of that same month, the audit was awarded to Intervial Cartagena 2021 for $ 592,548,600, and now it only remains for this consortium, which was created specifically for this project, to fill out its procedures with the DIAN and then activate the insurance policy. Sure, once this process is finished, the work starts.

The ‘stone in the shoe’, as he knew The universal, has been the complexity to get an appointment at DIAN. However, the expectation of the Secretariat of Infrastructure is that in a maximum of two weeks the works will begin on Santander Avenue, so that they will later be extended to the Center, Ronda Real, until reaching 15 active points at the same time.

Meanwhile, citizens are beginning to show their doubts regarding the works, is it paving or repairing? What material will be used? These are some of the questions that arose last week during the rendering of accounts of the Secretary of Infrastructure, Luis Villadiego, before the Council of Cartagena.

The main concern seems to be in the works on Santander Avenue, the first point to intervene. In this regard, in an interview with this medium, the Secretary of Infrastructure was clear that the first objective is to deliver quality works to the city, which will last, and therefore there is complete peace of mind about the possibility of making modifications to some interventions.

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“In Santander we have most of the points raised in asphalt, although of course there are others that are critical and that due to environmental conditions are prone to damage faster, in those we will use concrete. They are more than 3,300 million pesos, but if necessary we would make the pertinent adjustments ”, indicated Villadiego.

The official explained that the diagnosis for the works was made in February, so it is also likely that the characteristics of some sections to be rehabilitated have changed, a situation that they will monitor to make the necessary modifications. “Infrastructure will be working to make the adjustments that the works require to guarantee their durability.”

Citizen surveillance is key in this and all public works, so the Secretariat of Infrastructure will use the billboard tool with information on the work in each sector to intervene, in which there will also be a QR code that will allow citizens know in real time the contractual information.

The QR code is specific for each public work, so the interested citizen simply has to scan the image with his cell phone.

Once this step is completed, you will be able to enter a microsite where the data of the contract of the work of interest are stored, the resources that are being invested, execution time, responsible contractor, controller, materials and link to Secop, among others. In addition, the email [email protected] is disclosed to help resolve concerns about the works.


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