“They could take refuge in Roma camps.” First evacuation near the red zone – Libero Quotidiano

Maximum attention and maximum safety on the G20 held today October 30th and tomorrow atEur, smell. This morning the police have cleared out the protesters of the Climate Camp they were doing a sit in on the middle lane of via Cristoforo Colombo, blocking traffic towards the center. The activists allowed themselves to be lifted by passive resistance. The side lane remains occupied at the moment. “If it does not change we will block the city”, shout the activists who have moved to reach the headquarters of the Ministry of the Environment escorted by the police.

Meanwhile, Eur is armored: barriers, gates, sharpshooters on the rooftops and no-fly zone. Ten square kilometers are under close observation also because the alert is maximum for the danger that black bloc infiltrators can break into the “Red zone”, as reported the messenger. Their presence is feared not only for the district that will host the G20 but also for the center where the “Against the G20” procession will parade at 3 pm and a sit-in against the Draghi government will gather in Piazza San Giovanni from 2 pm.

There is indeed a great ferment in the antagonistic world Italian while anarchists from all over Europe are carefully observing the appointment of the “greats of the Earth”. The black blocs arriving from Austria and Switzerland is the fear of‘intelligence, they could be accommodated nethe social centers while those from the East could find hospitality in Roma camps.