They create an artificial intelligence tool that makes digital art

Artificial intelligence has all kinds of applications, and art could not be left behind. Proof of this is the Dream tool, created by an artificial intelligence developer firm called Wombo.

The premise of Dream is simple. Think of a concept, select a visual style, and in seconds, Dream will create a digital art image. We tried Digital Trends and the “fantasy art” style and this was the result we got.

When we tried the same concept, but with the “steampunk” style, we got this other result:

A digital art image created by Wombo's Dream tool

There isn’t much information on Dream’s page about what kind of artificial intelligence tool it uses. We think of a procedural generation process (the one used by the video game No Man’s Sky), but experts consulted by The Next Web they talk about the VQGAN + CLIP architecture.

Technicalities aside, it highlights that even when we selected the same concept with the same artistic style, the results were moderately different. With other more popular concepts, such as comic book or video game characters, the results are identifiable and seen.

And before catastrophic views on how artificial intelligence will put graphic designers out of work, The Next Web He consulted one of its designers, who rather than paint a bleak job panorama, said that the tool could be of help when you are without much inspiration.

Dream is available through a web app, but it also has apps for Android and iOS. In addition, the applications have tools to publish the results on your social networks.

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