They create piñata of Benito Rivers in his honor

The case of Octavio Ocaña It is still a topic of conversation, after his unexpected death on October 29, due to an apparent police pursuit that is still a mystery after almost a month.

Remembered and loved, the actor who would have turned 23, on November 7, stole the heart of the Mexican public, after taking part in various television and even film projects, among which the Televisa series “Neighbors” stood out. in which he gave life to the carismatic and funny Benito Riversundoubtedly one of his most famous roles.

That is why the footprint of Benito Rivers remains in the hearts and minds of the audience, so much so that he already has his own piñata, created by the famous and renowned Piñatería Ramírez, which has stood out and gained great fame for converting iconic characters and celebrities in traditional piñatas that have an important background.

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What is the Benito Rivers piñata like?

It was the piñatería itself located in the state of Tamaulipas, which shared its creation through social networks with images of the piñata of Benito Rivers compared to captures of the character in real life, and in this regard, he wrote: “Our tribute with affection and respect for Benito Rivers ‘He did not want to be an actor’ nor did he want to be an actor “.

In addition, the piñatería pointed out in one of the comments of its publication: “Unfortunately we could not upload your tribute before due to blocking issues.”

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The piñata portrays the famous and funny character played by Octavio Ocaña, in that unforgettable scene in which he imitated Jorjais, the homeless man who lives near the unit: with a dirty and worn outfit with which he begged for alms with the phrase: “Sure The rich think that with a small coin they can buy the poor. “

This scene is one of the most remembered of Octavio Ocaña by viewers, who even, for several years, took it up again to make funny memes that are still valid today.

The Piñatería Ramírez has become famous thanks to its fun creations inspired by today, for example, the girl from the series “El Juego del Calamar”, “El Niño del OXXO”, even Andrea, the girl who became controversial. after the video that went viral in which she asked her schoolmates to refer to her as “compaere”, for which the business received various criticisms. Now, his most recent creation is that of Benito Rivers in honor of Octavio Ocaña.

The scene in question: