They create urban canopies, real islands of freshness to fight against the heat


The first green structures of the Urban Canopée start-up will be installed in Toulouse. – Urban Canopy

  • In the spring, three light and flexible vegetated structures will be installed on Diebold Square, in the Toulouse district of Saint-Cyprien.
  • These urban canopies make it possible to create islands of freshness with very little grip on the ground.
  • Toulouse is the first city to test this innovation from the Urban Canopée start-up.

Shading trees in the summer often provides a little respite when the thermometer exceeds 30 ° C. But still it is necessary to find these places of freshness. In the city, there are many gardens, but asphalt predominates.

To fight against these heat islands, urban canopies will grow from spring to Toulouse.

Created by a Parisian start-up, these green structures will be experienced for the first time in the Pink City before setting foot in the capital.

"The idea was born after the heat wave of 2006. Cities are becoming denser and we can not put trees in the ground everywhere. With this system of composite material structure, four times lighter than steel, we have a minimum of footprint, barely a meter. Climbing plants can cover more space up to 4/5 meters high and create an island of freshness, "says Elodie Grimoin, co-founder of Urban Canopée.

The innovative company was approached by the Young Economic Chamber of Toulouse to test in the Saint-Cyprien neighborhood its first three canopies, mega plant parasol version.

Urban Canopee's light green structures project in the Toulouse district of Saint-Cyprien.
Urban Canopee's light green structures project in the Toulouse district of Saint-Cyprien. – Urban Canopee

After having collected 10,000 euros on the Ulule platform, it has obtained the agreement of the town hall to install these 100 m2 of planted corolla on the place Diebold.

A site identified as an important summer heat island and where trees can not be planted because of the underground car park.

Nine species selected

Each canopy will weigh a maximum of 500 kg. Hops or creepers will be planted there. In total, nine species were selected with the Purpan engineering school for their ability to climb and shade.

"They are planted in pots of 1 m2 which contains a reserve of water of 200 liters, which allows to be autonomous, as the sensors which will allow the feeding of the irrigation system. In case of extreme drought, it will fill the reserves 2 to 3 times per year, "says Elodie Grimoin, agronomist training.

The experiment should last three years in Toulouse, the time that plants mature. The mayor can then buy these structures from Urban Canopee if she wants to keep them.

"Urban heat islands": a scourge that mobilizes researchers and urban planners


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