Euseglimar González | THE PRESS OF LARA.- As César Yánez and Damary González, the couple who were brutally murdered along with their 17-year-old son was identified in Las Tinajitas, west of Barquisimeto.

The bodies were found Monday afternoon inside a home, which is located near the San Francisco distributor. Some workers from a shed, which is a few blocks from the house, arrived on Monday morning and felt a strong rotten smell, in addition to seeing green flies in the area and decided to move to the house, but it was completely closed.

The men decided to report to the checkpoint of the Lara State Police and they were the ones who knew that inside the house there were three corpses in state of decomposition.

Apparently at three they were beaten to death, but the motive for the crime is not yet clear, since there are several versions of what happened, a police source explained that it could have been a robbery, although it would be the Cicpc those investigating the triple homicide.

Yesterday Senamefc officials went to the morguecita of the Municipal Cemetery, on Florencio Jiménez avenue, to practice the autopsy and know the causes of death.

On Monday it became known that Cesar’s body was allegedly found face down in the bathroom with part of his body burned, while Damary’s body was face up, he was wearing jeans and red flannel, he was lying on the side of the bed in the room. The main house and the wall behind it was completely sparked with blood.


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