They denounce alarming situation in hospital of Valle de la Pascua (+ Video)

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In the afternoon hours of this Wednesday, July 29, 2020, a complaint was received in this newsroom formulated by an outstanding human resource in the Rafael Zamora Arévalo Hospital in Valle de la Pascua, Guarico state; in which is detailed an alarming health outlook that allegedly exists in that healthcare center.

The complaint is raised the alleged existence of several cases of coronavirus in the Leonardo municipality, exposing possible deficiencies in the hospital’s internal sanitary cords; as well as the risk of possible exposure to COVID-19 by healthcare personnel and patients; mainly due to the lack of bioprotection material, and the absent sanitary controls between the various areas of the health center.

They denounce alarming health situation in the Hospital of Valle de la Pascua

The complainant, by name Rolando Simoza, Who nurse belonging to the area of internal Medicine of that hospital institution, and he is also president of the foundation “Mano Amiga Por La Paz y la Vida de Niños con Cáncer” (or also “Una Mano por la Paz” on Facebook); requested by audio addressed to his colleagues belonging to the National Federation of Health Workers (FETRASALUD), make known to the national and regional media, the serious health problem that the Rafael Zamora Arévalo Hospital allegedly faces; same that Simoza explains in his statements.

Video with the audio of the complaint

In the complaint made by the nurse Rolando Simoza, care staff of the Rafael Zamora Arévalo Hospital in Valle de la Pascua, informs the media that they currently allegedly exist «seven positive cases of coronavirus in the city of Valle de la Pascua«; and that they do not have sufficient sanitary controls in this center to prevent other people and the medical personnel assisting them from becoming infected.

Simoza, continues his audio / complaint indicating that they do not have the basic bioprotection equipment for the staff, such as masks, gloves and gauze; but neither do they have access to soap or water for personal hygiene.

The complainant also states that they must reuse the protection materials (face masks, gloves and gowns).

Simoza: «Here we have nothing, we are all at risk»

Likewise, Simoza denounces the existence of patients who constitute suspected suspected cases; same that go up to the floor areas without the respective tests being carried out.

The complainant assures that patients who come seeking care in the area of ​​”respiratory symptoms”; they are raised to the floor at once, where nobody knows if they are asymptomatic or not.

Finally, Rolando Simoza It denounces that some patients who have been raised to the floor for various pathologies (other than respiratory), after a few days have been affected by symptoms of pneumonia, pleural effusion and even tuberculosis.

The complainant raises the alert for his own colleagues in the nursing area; of which presumably there are several suffering from flu discomfort, sore throat, fever, diarrheal syndrome, among others.

Simoza’s call is for the health authorities to urgently provide the necessary bioprotection material so that the personnel who work in that healthcare center do not get sick, since they feel especially vulnerable to the advance of the pandemic.

At the closing time of this information note, ACN has not been able to independently corroborate all the elements denounced by the nurse Rolando Simoza in your audio.

In this sense, we clarify that, although we always adhere to the official information issued about the pandemic in our country; There is also this space for citizen reporting, as long as the complainants identify themselves publicly, as has happened in this case.

[Fuentes]: ACN | Complainant: Nurse Rolando Simoza

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