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They denounce another failure in online purchases: instead of a computer they received a scale

by archyw

Villa Elvira neighbors contacted eldia.com in the last hours to report a new failure in the delivery of products purchased virtually. On this occasion, Brenda and Ezequiel were to receive a computer but instead a scale arrived at their home.

Both told this newspaper that the ordeal began a week ago when they decided to click on the “buy” button. “They told us that the product was going to arrive the next day but we were waiting a week. In between, they contacted us due to a typing error and to let us know that they had passed Sunday at 6 in the morning and they had not found us in our house “related Ezequiel in dialogue with eldia.com.

The couple explained that in addition to the frustration generated by opening the box and finding something very different from what they had asked for, what generates anger is the fact that they have kept them expectant for a whole week.

“We were constantly on the alert. A truck passed by and we went out to see if they were from Mercado Libre to leave the order. And nothing. For a whole week we were waiting for nothing. To this is added that in all that time we could not advance with the we worked on what we should do and that, to a certain extent, they forced us to buy this device. What bothers is the lost time, “said Brenda.

In this regard, the young woman indicated that the day the order arrived they sensed that something was wrong. “We opened the door and we found a truck that claimed to be from OCASA but did not have any plot of that company,” he said. They let that detail pass but it added to the complications they had had during the week. Later, the fact that they were not asked for a signature or a document put them on alert and after entering their house they decided to “distrust” the package.

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It is that there had been so many negative factors around this purchase that at one point they believed that they could find “anything” inside that box, except what they had asked for. The weight of the package, the lack of signature, the truck, the complications in the week, everything came together and ignited the suspicions of these young people. That is why they chose to document the moment. Brenda pulled out her phone, pressed the red “record” button, and the camera began recording the opening of the package.

That was how their suspicions confirmed. The space the notebook should have been occupying had been “usurped” by a fancy scale with a cover that mimics wood. They called the seller immediately. He excused himself and said that he had dispatched the product “well” and that the failure had surely occurred in the “shipments” section of said company.

They made the claim online and the response was almost immediate. “We can pay you back” they pointed out. Although Brenda and Ezequiel consider that this comes to solve the issue of payment, they feel disappointed by the time they lost. In dialogue with eldia.com they indicated that they decided to make their story public and thus join the other cases that have occurred in recent days in our City.

As EL DIA has been counting, bricks, pieces of wood, paper buns or styrofoam remains. It is receiving that instead of the phone, the notebook, the headphones or any of the things that were bought with the desire to receive them as soon as possible, after having paid for them. This happens to many people from La Plata who in recent days consider themselves scammed with the purchase of items online through different platforms.

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The cases have the same matrix and most respond to the same company that sells and another that is responsible for distributing. And there it seems to be in a short circuit that electrifies the minds of users. Everything indicates that the crime is not on the side of the seller but the one in charge of delivering what was purchased.


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