They denounce that doctor sells more expensive medicines than in pharmacies

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CIUDAD VALLES.- Elena Saucedo Padrón took her mother, Teódula Padrón Martínez, 83, with Dr. Alfonso Cruz Sahagún because consulting with the doctor is cheap, however, the latter would have defrauded them by overcoming the medicines he had just prescribed 1,200 percent more expensive.

The complainant realized this situation because the doctor sold them three of the four medications that she prescribed to Teódula, and when she went to look for the fourth drug from a chain of drugstores that is in Valles, she realized that Magaldrate, combined with Dimethicone , whose commercial name is Galaver, cost 42 pesos and not the 500 that the health specialist sold it to.

The woman said that she asked the doctor to return the difference in price, but the doctor refused and wanted to return only 200 pesos.

The source said that he would go to Profeco, to try to do something with that surcharge.


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