They detain and fine pirate units in Barquisimeto :: La Prensa de Lara

Daimar Diaz | THE PRESS OF LARA.- Eight transport units pirates were retained yesterday around the Barquisimeto Passenger Terminal for offering services without authorization and charging high fees prices in dollars, which also resulted in fines of up to two petros, that is, about 82 million bolivars.

Municipal Police officials at very early hours proceeded to clear the area to avoid the concentration of informal vendors, when they found that these units were offering the service of interurban routes with dollarized rates.

The vehicles involved are six small cars Y two vans, in which their drivers loaded passengers to Caracas and other cities, in addition to foreign municipalities Of the entity. According to the police report, the light vehicles were found in a parking lot on 43rd Street.

Jhonny Colmenarez, president of the passenger terminal, reported that these units do not belong to the fleet that provides service within the terminal, which, as it will be recalled, will be closed during this last week of the radical forty of 2020.

Colmenárez highlighted that retention and sanction are measures that are being implemented to combat the abusive cost of the ticket.

“The terminal is closed and its units are not working towards any destination within the Larense geography, much less towards other states, any unit that a passenger approaches and must pay in dollars must be reported because they are not complying with the national decree” , he pointed …

He commented that they are working to start the flexibilization stage safe announced by the national president where as of this November 30 the routes between states will be activated at affordable prices, highlighting that the patrol work in the vicinity of the terminal will be maintained to avoid any type of speculation by pirate lines that they prowl the place and take advantage of the passengers.



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