They detect irregularities for 66 million pesos in the purchase of vaccines in Social Security

The ASF warned that the IMSS does not have by 2020 the integration by contract of the payments on the acquisition of vaccines for that year, for which it placed as pending to clarify the use of about 66 million pesos of the Social Security budget .

As part of the second delivery of reports of the Public Account 2020, the ASF supervised the financial management of the acquisition of vaccines by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), in order to verify that they were budgeted, contracted, received and paid in the agreed terms.

This review shows that when reviewing four contracts, it was identified that this institute acquired vaccines for 164,500 pesos that were not used during their useful life, since they were not exchanged in accordance with the regulations.

In addition, it did not apply conventional or deductive penalties for 59 million pesos, and did not verify with the supporting documentation the application of conventional and deductive penalties for 6 million pesos.

At the same time that in some cases there is no supporting documentation for the payments of the vaccines received in the branch warehouses of the Institute, such as referral orders, registrations in the Institutional Supply Systems (SAI) and, credit notes and replacement orders for revised contracts.

Likewise, it was highlighted that the IMSS had the Annual Acquisitions, Leases and Services Program (PAAAS) in 2020 and that it was published in the CompraNet System, in which the acquisition of 17 million 630,595 doses was programmed for an amount of more than 7,060 million pesos, presenting a higher variation in amount of 182% and a lower variation in dose of 49.6%, with respect to what was initially programmed.

In total, the ASF inspected four contracts with Laboratorios de Biológicos y Reactivos de México, SA de CV; Merck Sharp & Dohme Comercializadora, S. de RL de CV; Merck Sharp & Dohme Comercializadora, S. de RL de CV and Sanofi Aventis de México, SA de CV, effective in 2020 for an amount of 1,980 million pesos, three contracts corresponding to the year under review and one for 2019, which extended its valid as of March 2020.

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