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And small device for the fur developed by the University of California at San Diego seems to be the solution for all those people who are looking for simply and constantly monitor your glucose levels or other health statistics without affecting your day to day life.

The researchers in charge of the project are already looking for market it Being a possible solution for all people suffering from diseases such as diabetes and they must constantly measure their blood sugar levels.

This being one of its great advantages that the device can be used without disturbing the user during the day, no matter where they are, by simply placing it on the upper part of the arm.

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The researchers of Portable Sensor Center of the University of California in San Diego made the device, which was resembles a button being the size of a six-quarter stack or three stacked poker chips. It’s about a parchment of microagujas connected to a electronics box.

It adheres to the skin by means of a patch velcro which has microscopic needles and microneedles of approx. one-fifth the width of a human hair. These microneedles are not dangerous because they barely penetrate the skin.

Must be place on upper arm where the device will collect information from biomolecules in interstitial fluid, which is a fluid that surrounds cells under the skin. All this information will be transmitted from the device to a smartphone wirelessly.

“This is like a complete laboratory on the skin. It is capable of continuously measuring multiple biomarkers at the same time, allowing users to monitor their health and well-being while going about their daily activities,” said Joseph Wang, director of the Center for Wearable Sensors and co-author of the research.

Among the substances that it is capable of measuring are glucosethe level of alcoholism and the lactation in women. As part of the investigation, five volunteers used it and the measurements made by the small device coincided with those taken by a commercial blood glucose monitor, with a breathalyzer and with blood lactate measurements made in the laboratory.

“With our wearable device, people can see the interaction between their glucose spikes or drops with their diet, exercise, and alcohol consumption. That could also increase their quality of life,” said Farshad Tehrani, a student in Director Wang’s lab and one of the study’s first co-authors.

This project was first published in the magazine Nature Biomedical Engineering as on the website of the University of California at San Diego.


The parchment of microagujas are considered as the main innovation of this new device as it is disposable and can be easily replaced. In the case of electronic boxes reusable and is where the battery, electronic sensors and wireless transmitter are located.

Among its main differences with commercial meters, is that these sthey usually measure only one signal and they omit much information that could be essential for the patient in managing diabetes. This is related to the alcohol levels, since consuming these drinks can reduce glucose levels.

As part of the next step for the device, Farshad Tehrani y Hazir Teympurian they founded the new company AquilX which will be in charge of developing the necessary technology so that the small patch begins to be commercialized.

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For this it is also expected that the device will receive improvements within the microagujas and have more sensors to detect medication levels in patients and other signs of health in the future.

Originally posted on The Sun of Puebla