They develop an “affective” robot to improve people’s emotional well-being

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An “affective” robot designed to interact, converse in a natural way and improve people’s emotional state is the latest development of the company Aisoy Robotics of the Scientific Park of the Miguel Hernández University (PCUMH) of Elche.

The device, called ‘Aiko’, is based on emotional Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is intended to help users combat loneliness, express their feelings or emotions and improve their communication skills.

The executive director of the PCUMH company, José Manuel del Río, explains that, “as social beings, humans need affection, entertainment and company.”

“Older people who live alone, for example, do not always have someone available to talk. Offering them a tool that allows them to mitigate that feeling of loneliness can help prevent mental illness and cognitive impairment. As for children, sometimes not they are confident enough to discuss problems with parents or friends for fear of what they will say or think, “he says.

“Thanks to ‘Aiko’, – continues the specialist – we can help them develop self-confidence, a basic element for proper emotional development and good mental health”.

With the aim of adapting to each person, the robot designed by Aisoy Robotics is capable of emotional evolution. In order to establish that connection with the user, the device has motors for body expression, microphones, a camera and touch sensors, among other tools.

“We seek an interaction that is as natural as possible, a partner who listens without making value judgments. A good balance in our mood and our emotional intelligence not only makes us feel better and happier, but also increases our abilities to overcome any difficulty, something that the Covid-19 has made us remember, “says Del Río.

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Aisoy Robotics is a robotics and Artificial Intelligence company focused on the design and development of emotional robots. These are aimed at entertainment, care and well-being of the human being, as well as improving the quality of life of individuals and families.


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