They did something vile with Károly Gesztesi’s last love

The late one had a special relationship Károly Gesztesi and his last love, Csilla Mattesz between. The actor knew about the biggest dream of the specialist who has been involved in baby swimming and children’s water therapy for decades, and supported him with all his might, but unfortunately not everyone was like that. They wanted to destroy Cilla!

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“For many years I developed disabled children, then for ten years I went to private homes to treat babies with my method, and then for another ten years I ran a swimming nursery and a swimming nursery in Szentendre. All the while, I wanted to have a network that was available throughout the country for all babies who who needs improvement or for families who just want to take their children to professional baby swimming. Last year, I hoped that my dream would finally come true, because we opened our Magical Baby Spa together with a father. I soon felt that the noble goal of this business had disappeared, and they only want to take away my life’s work. My ex-partner protected the company name without my knowledge, which was revealed when I wanted to break the business relationship with him. The main reason for this was that I was thinking about a national network, so that the development method with which many possible later learning disorders, lack of attention, behavior pro blemish can be prevented. However, he was not a partner in this, and when I found out that he had protected the name, which covered my method, I was devastated.” the specialist explained to Blikk.

In the end, Csilla received help from an unexpected place, precisely from Péter Hajdú’s wife, Eszter Láng.

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“Aunt Csilla helped us a lot, and not only Domi improved a lot, but so did we as parents. When we heard about Csilla’s plan, we knew that this matter was important to us, so after some discussion we decided to create this fanchise system together. It’s very difficult was to see Csilla collapse when her life’s work was in danger, and we had to overcome a lot of difficulties together. We had to let go of the Magical name, but in retrospect, I think there couldn’t be a better name for a brand than its creator, and that’s how we became Mattesz Baby Spa.”

– said Eszter.