The American fast food company Taco Bell fired a Hispanic employee from a branch in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, Florida, for refusing to serve a client because she did not speak Spanish.

The fact was made known by a video that went viral, in which he sees Alexandria Montgomery when she is rejected by the employee. "Luisa", who says she does not speak English and that at the end of a long discussion closes the self-service window in her face and threatens to call the police.

"There is no one who speaks English," he says, while Montgomery replies that "this is the United States."

The employee, from a branch in Hialeah, a city with a large Cuban population, insists that nobody speaks English and that she moves her car to be able to serve other clients waiting in line.

At one point in the discussion, in which each one speaks their language and none fully understands what the other says, "Luisa" tells her to go to another branch where she does speak English.

Frustrated, Montgomery says it's not fair, that she must know the menu and by numbers she could order, while "Luisa" says she's going to call the police because she does not move her car and can not serve other clients.

Montgomery asks her to speak with the administrator and she replies in Spanish that there is no one who can take her order in English.

However, the client calls the administrator later on the phone, who "only" apologized and hung up the call.

A spokesperson for Taco Bell said later that the actions of the employee, whose name was not disclosed, do not meet her "expectations of customer service" and that she had been fired. EFE



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