They do not change the diaper for weeks, baby dies of dermatitis


A dramatic news that comes from the Mississipi, United States. A child of only four months died because his parents did not change his diaper for two weeks. Feces and small urine have caused tremendous skin irritation and ainfection so serious as to cause the child's death.

The alarm was raised by some friends of the "parents" couple, who noticed the child, malnourished and in a serious state of dehydration, while he was surrounded by worms. Taken urgently to the hospital, the doctors tried the impossible to save it. But it was all useless. The infection was too serious.

The tragedy is the result of a very complex family situation, investigated by police officers. From the first information, it seems that father and mother were addicts. The friends of the couple who first noticed the worms knew that they had only one daughter, who also lived with her parents and was well looked after. Some did not even know they had another child. Now parents risk up to 20 years in prison. But it always seems too little for what they did to suffer the baby.


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