They do not gray and their women give birth at the age of 70.. Who are the “Hunza” people, whose members live for 150 years, and what is the secret of their diet?

Al-Marsad newspaper: Al-Marsad newspaper: The Muslim Hunza people live in northern Pakistan, and their average age is not less than 100 years, and it is not surprising that many of them live to the age of 150, according to the “Arabi Post” website.

They do not get sick and do not gray

The Hunza people number about 920,000 people. What is surprising about them is that they do not get sick or gray, and the age of 70 is considered the stage of their youth. Men and women are in excellent health and have fresh skin, just like children.

Secrets of their eternal youth

As for the most important secrets of their eternal youth, it is their distance from the city and its noise and technology that causes laziness and their living among the mountains; They only eat vegetables and fruits and take protein; By eating less milk, eggs and cheese and only drinking fresh natural juices for two or three months a year, and besides practicing yoga, they are accustomed to walking very long distances, no less than 20 kilometers a day.

Their harmony with nature

Their Bedouin life and their harmony with nature and the mountains made them not suffer from the new diseases of the era, as they do not know about cancer; Because they eat a lot of dried nuts that contain B-17, which turns into an anti-cancer substance in the body.

Nor do they know diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, indigestion or stomach ulcers, and other diseases; Because they do not get it, and none of the deadly epidemics that spread in the rest of the world have reached them, and the only thing they suffer from is eye disorders; Because of the smoke from the fire of cooking and food preparation only.