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They document the escape of a married woman in the 16th century Olot


Olot's escape from a woman in the seventies of the sixteenth century is the opening of the thirty of them Annals of the Patronage of Historical Studies of Olot and Comarca (PEHOC). The escape of Joan Plana's wife, Rafela Plana, with the Domenjó de Bigorra Gascon occupies 63 pages of the 313 of the Annals 2019 of the PEHOC.

The author, Joan Antoni Padró, uses the process of escape to explain the situation of women in the sixteenth-century Olot. It does so from notarial records and account books of the time.

According to the author, women, if they were not strong-hearted pubs, were engaged in invisible jobs: making meals, transporting water, babysitting, cleaning the house and spinning at night. If they were poor, they suffered the abuse of powerful men and young people, and their word before justice was not good.

"We can see the inequality and violence they were subjected to, both in the family and institutional settings, in the form of pressures and threats, as well as sexual aggression, and we can also know some rebellious women and the limits of their rebellion. ", Presents the author of the article.

The Annals of the Board of Trustees also dedicate articles to archeologist Gabriel Alcalde (1958-2019). Mayor consolidated the Regional Museum of La Garrotxa and emerged much of the prehistory in La Garrotxa. There are articles by Miquel Àngel Fumanal, Jesús Gutiérrez, Miquel Molist Montaña and Xevi Collell.

In addition to the escape of Rafela Plana and the panegyricists to Gabriel Alcalde, the Annals works by Xavier Solà Colomer ( The parish church of Sant Cristòfol de les Planes: an example of 17th-century Gothic architecture), Pep Vila Medinyà ( Satirical Cobles against supposedly nobility groups in Besalú (18th-19th centuries))), Tura Clarà ( The last mayor of Besalú: Alejandro Martínez Azpeitia López (1828-1835)), Maties Ramisa Verdaguer ( Republicans against Carlists in the Olot district).

Also by Antonio Dalmau Ribalta and Jesús Gutiérrez Martínez ( Ramon Carreras Jaume, from Igualada to Olot and in exile from France), Josep Clara Resplandis ( Mossèn Carles de Bolós, publisher of the National Postwar Catholicism) and Raül Valls, Cisquet commission ( Francesc Serrat Pujolar "Cisquet" (1920-1946). The son of a bricklayer who wanted to be a doctor).

It also collects the works awarded at the Jordi Pujiula and Salvador Reixach awards. They have published the works of Denís Poutcchine Costa ( Animation with Blender), Anna Casas Tona ( Corpses seduce in fiction), Richard Coll Josifov ( Design and improvement of lighting systems), Daniel Morales Sevilla ( Greenpi) and Marc Casals Pagès ( Pastors in Catalonia, past, present and … future).

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