They dress up as “grandmothers” to get vaccinated against Covid-19 – photo

Trying to get an anti-Covid vaccine, two American women pretended to be old ladies over 65 in Florida. However, they were taken on the spot at the vaccination site.

In Florida, two young women disguised themselves as grandmothers to get vaccinated against Covid-19, local health authorities told a press conference on February 18.

While the minimum age requirement for vaccination in the United States as in France is 65, the two fraudsters were only 34 and 44 years old, points out the New York Times.

They received the first dose

To deceive the vigilance of the nursing staff, they invented a whole spectacle with glasses on the nose, hats and gloves. A technique that would have worked well, according to Doctor Raul Pino, health administrator of Orange County.

Indeed, the women had already received their first injection, as evidenced by their valid cards from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“I don’t know how they escaped [à la détection, ndlr] for the first time, but they came with gloves, glasses, everything, and they must have been in their twenties, ”said Dr Raul Pino.

They get caught

Upon document verification, it was revealed that their dates of birth in their driver’s licenses did not match the ones they used to register for vaccination. In addition, it was their clothes deemed too thick for a temperature of 25 ° C that betrayed them.

No sanction was taken against the fraudsters, yet they were released without being vaccinated a second time.



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