They drew attention to the number of Lebanese inside Saudi Arabia.. “Executives” respond to George Kordahi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Lebanese Executive Council called for the resignation or dismissal of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, following his statements, which were considered offensive to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The Council, which is an association of most of its members residing in Saudi Arabia, includes 150 personalities among businessmen and executives present in the world, but the largest part is in the Gulf. “.

The council said in its statement: “At a time when the new Lebanese government failed to approach the Lebanese-Gulf relations in a positive way, we were informed of the positions launched by the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, in a television program in which he expressed personal and biased opinions that were not accepted even by the participants in the program and led to a loss of confidence. Arab youth from him at the end of the program, and these attitudes provoked deplorable responses from the Arab and Lebanese republics, as if Lebanon and the Lebanese were not enough for the calamities and calamities that befell them until an official in the government comes with irresponsible words that expose the remaining threads of Lebanon’s relations with its Arab surroundings to a break.

The statement added: “Kirdahi’s positions, even if they were before he assumed the Ministry of Information, do not absolve him of its responsibility. How can a ‘technical’ minister adopt views biased towards one party against another? And how can a minister who supports the idea of ​​a military coup be appointed in a civilian government?”

Activists had circulated a video clip of Qardahi’s statements, while the latter responded with a statement in which he clarified 5 points, saying: “First, this interview was conducted on the fifth of last August… that is, a month before I was appointed as a minister in Prime Minister Mikati’s government… Second, I did not mean, in any way, to offend the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the Emirates, whose leadership and people I have so much love and loyalty to.”

He added: “Third, the parties behind this campaign have become known, and they are accusing me, since the formation of the government, of coming to suppress the media.. Fourth, what I said that the Yemen war has become an absurd war that must stop. Out of love for Saudi Arabia and the Emirates and mindful of their interests.. Fifthly, I hope that my words, and the uproar around it, will be a reason to stop this harmful war, for Yemen, and for both Saudi Arabia and the Emirates..