They dupe rich elderly people. An entire family has been arrested –

from Marco Gasperetti

Parents and two children investigated for having plundered a couple of wealthy retirees pretending to be healers: jewels, watches, cars and company shares for 13 million euros

They were the ideal victims. Not only because they are elderly, alone and suffering from senile dementia, but because they are rich, indeed very rich. Thus an entire family, father, mother and two children, studied the plan in detail and for months began to court two old men, convincing them to undergo bizarre pranotherapy sessions enriched by bizarre rites, promising them health, well-being, a very long life and finally the conquest of paradise.

Pranotherapy sessions

Then they moved on to phase two, starting to loot the victims of their belongings: jewelry, luxury watches, jewelry, cars and even the shares of four companies. Finally, the last masterpieces of the family: the appointment of the two children as universal heirs. Total fraud, real or alleged, 13 million euros. These at least are the accusations against father, mother and two children of Ponte Buggianese, a town in the province of Pistoia who were arrested by the Montecatini carabinieri. They are suspected of very serious crimes: circumvention of incapacity and receiving stolen goods and now they are under house arrest in their home. The victims are two elderly people from Pisa and Santa Croce sull’Arno, with serious health problems, and with great financial resources.

The investigations

It was not easy to discover the alleged scam (it will be the magistrates who will establish the guilt of the suspects) and the carabinieri sought evidence for six years after that, in March 2016, a friend of one of the two elders had begun to have suspicions about the healers and had told various episodes to the military. Thus the investigations began, with wiretapping and use of video cameras, which ended with the discovery of part of the assets that the family allegedly stole from the two elderly and which were seized. Investigations continue to understand if there may be other people involved in the affair.

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May 24, 2022 (change May 24, 2022 | 12:54)