They made a macabre discovery and unearthed a terrible family secret. Last February, a brother and two sisters – who had just lost their mother – fell in their childhood home in Northallerton (England) on the mummified corpse of a baby, wrapped in a cloth and hidden in a cupboard under the stairs.

Horrified, they alerted the authorities who conducted the investigation for several months and finally revealed the results of the autopsy on Wednesday 21.

The baby was actually a little boy presumably born to term and whose mother of this siblings had given birth in August 1968. They had therefore had a little brother whom they did not know existed.

Their late mother Carol and her ex-husband Melvin, who was the baby's father, never told them about the birth of this baby.

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The autopsy of the remains of the child, much damaged by the fifty years spent in a box under the stairs, did not determine the causes of death.

Carol was able to make a denial of pregnancy. According to the TeessideLive website, Melvin, who is still alive, was questioned and explained that he never knew of his wife's fourth pregnancy. He also said he had never known that the body of this son he did not know everything was lying in this box hidden in the family home.

In 1968, the couple was still united. They did not divorce until 1996 when the other three children were adults.

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