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They filtered the exclusive photos of Yanet García from her OnlyFans

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Yanet García proudly showed her stretch marks (Photo: Instagram @iamyanetgarcia)

Just a month after the model and actress Yanet García debuted in Onlyfans, Internet users reported leaks of your intimate content. However, they assure that the material that just came out on social networks and some platforms does not differ from what can be seen from the weather girl on her Instagram account.

However, Yanet in an interview with Infobae She specified that the materials that she would publish on the private platform would not be of a pornographic nature, as some of her fans expected. In his version, he explained that he only seeks to separate facets of life, one on the sexy side and on the other her materials for a healthy life and as a businesswoman.

On the other hand, although he made this version public, some fans were annoyed at the see similarity of content on their social networks with those of their Onlyfans.How can you not be happy and grateful, if you deceived the public and the photos you upload are of the same nature as the ones you upload here. Nothing recommendable. Don’t even spend it, ”wrote one of his followers on Instagram.

Leaks, on the other hand, are sessions that she usually shares and Although they can be found on social networks, the artist asks her fans for all the support to enter her private account, since that way she could make better quality content, both sexy, and in her healthy life projects, that he shares many times for free on his social networks.

Yanet García in photo session
Yanet García in photo session

Meanwhile, reviews of its content can be found at Onlyfans On the internet, the descriptions of her account are what she had anticipated: without sexual content, and with the “nudity” that we are used to seeing.

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It should be noted that the reviews of usUrs from other countries describe the actress as “the sexiest weather girl”, some advise paying her bill if they are loyal fans, others only limit themselves to saying that they will find “more of the same”.

After telling in an interview the reason why continues to advance in the creation of its own content, Yanet said that there was a lot of insistence, both from fans and agencies, you even looked for her to open her OnlyFansShe accepted, however, she first discussed it with her partner.

Yanet Garcia
Yanet Garcia

“Last year many people came to talk about the platform, even agencies, there was a lot of insistence from all over, I talked about it with my boyfriend. I said: look, there is this platform, how do you see it? Well, let’s even talk to the owner, Tim Stokley. We spoke with him, and we raised our doubts.

“He explained to us how the application has transformed in the last year. It is a giant platform, where there are more actresses, singers, chefs, so it is a place that has definitely grown. It has come to generate exclusive content in all areas no matter what you want to contribute as a celebrity, “he said in an interview with Infobae.

Yanet Garcia (Photo: Instagram @ iamyanetgarcia)
Yanet Garcia (Photo: Instagram @ iamyanetgarcia)

Yanet, although enthusiastic about the project and happy to pose for her loyal followers, says that it was time to take the next step, that is: monetize with her sexy content, at the same time, it would also give space to her social networks to post about her health projects, which in his words “is what he wants to do for the rest of his life.”

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“For me it seemed appropriate, I have created free content during seven years, with all my heart, for all my followers and now is the time to take the next step, which is to transform my Instagram page into a totally health and wellness page, to continue helping thousands of people ”, he added.


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