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They flee to avoid the checkpoint of the carabinieri, who died in a 19-year-old accident

Escape from the checkpoint of the carabinieri, who died in a 19-year-old accident

The off-road vehicle in a small ditch, with the windshield broken through due to impact with a light pole. Next to two bodies, covered by sheets, 'freed from the sheets only after the firefighters sawed the roof of the car, an old Range Rover. The two 19-year-olds were fleeing from a carabinieri checkpoint that this night, around 4.30 am, died in San Giorgio di Piano, in the locality of Fortuna, in the Bolognese area.

Intubated woman covered with ants in hospital in Naples. Inspection of the Nas, sealed room

A race at high speed to avoid being controlled, perhaps because the driver had drunk or taken drugs, or because at 19 years for the law could not yet drive that big car. The carabinieri have informed that the pm on duty did not have the autopsy and then the bodies of the two boys were immediately taken to the mortuary of Bentivoglio, where yesterday morning the families have vented their desperation between screams and cries. Anas Foukahi, Moroccan origins but born in Cento, in the Ferrarese, was at the wheel of his father's off-road vehicle. Sitting next to him was a friend of his, Pietro De Matteis, from Pieve di Cento, a town in the province of Bologna.

Shortly before losing their lives, on a night like many others, the two boys had been at the disco club 'Wintage music club' in Argelato, which was inaugurated on Friday evening. The checkpoint was there, not far from the local, as often happens on weekends to prevent crazy races, perhaps under the effect of alcohol or drugs, and avoid accidents. According to the investigators' reconstruction, after having seen the flashing lights of their car from about 200 meters, the off-road vehicle reversed its gear, bumping into a parked car and then started at high speed. The military climbed into the car to follow them, but they would soon lose their visual contact and along via Mascherino, a rather isolated road in the countryside, after 4-5 kilometers they found the off-road vehicle that had already ended up against the light pole .

"I heard a bang and went out into the street with a flashlight because because of the incident the light had jumped – said one of the few residents in the area – one of the few residents of the area – the Carabinieri tried to call them but did not answer. I did not have the courage to get close because I knew I would only see the dead ". The road, according to those who live next door, is dangerous and almost nobody respects the speed limit. Anas and Pietro, the first enthusiast of Ju jitsu (Japanese martial art) so much that three years ago he had also participated in the Italian junior championships, the other lover of tattoos, until he dreamed of making it his job (although in the meantime he was working as a bricklayer in a company of cartongessisti), they died instantly and the intervention of 118 was not useful. "Rest in peace my brothers! You are important to see us up there! », Is the poignant message left on social networks by a guy like them.

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