they grow spirulina, aquatic green gold

Fatima Hamaidi and Arthur Floréan are spiruliners, that is to say producers of spirulina in the Bordeaux metropolis. They are based in Bruges, where they have installed a 1,000 m2 greenhouse with four ponds inside and, a little further on, a processing laboratory.

“Spirulina is considered a super food, thanks to a high concentration of iron and vitamins,” says Fatima Hamaidi. Its benefits? Stimulate the immune system, improve endurance, concentration, sleep or even regulate intestinal transit.

A conversion

At the Green Gold Farm, the water is filtered to allow the spirulina to grow in pure water. Because this micro-algae grows in water, in greenhouses. “We recover a very thick green cream and our job is to remove the water to retain only the spirulina. This dough is transformed into spaghetti before going to dehydration at low temperature. We then obtain flakes or twigs of spirulina ready to be consumed,” explains Fatima Hamaidi.

This Green Gold Farm is the story of a reconversion of its two founders. “This project was born from the desire to do something that matters, to make a product that is good for health and to work with our hands outdoors rather than in offices. I, for my part, wanted to embark on an urban agriculture project, then the idea of ​​spirulina came up, after having consumed it myself,” explains Fatima Hamaidi. Production was launched two years ago.