They harass Will Smith on his birthday: Mexican fans launch all kinds of criticism on social networks for refusing to greet Randy Arozarena

Mexicans do not easily forget and the consequences of the greeting that Will Smith refused to Randy Arozarena during the World Baseball Classic they keep appearing Aztec fans took advantage of a birthday greeting that the Dodgers gave their player to bombard him with criticism and reproaches.

On March 28, the 28th birthday of the North American receiver, the Dodgers decided to publicly congratulate the player with an image on social networks, but they did not count on the fact that the fans, instead of adding good wishes, launched all kinds of criticism, since more than half of the comments had a negative approach towards the player of the Los Angeles team.

Nobody is going to congratulate you, for raised and believed”, “I am a fan of the team, but we hate you for what you did to Arozarena”, “I do not see the logic of the publication, since he does not like to be greeted”, “congratulations at home, here we are team Arozarena”, “you have to give him some doublets”, “I thought you were humble”, “nothing to celebrate for a person who showed a lack of empathy between colleagues in the same sport” and “I’m Dodger, but with all due respect what the fuck… to your mother Will Smith”, are some of the examples of what can be read in the publication.

As it was expected, neither the player nor the team were hooked, so there was no response from them.

It should be remembered that the root of this occurred during the game between Mexico and the United States in the World Baseball Classic, when Randy walked over to greet his MLB colleague and offered his hand, but Smith just looked at him and left him with his hand outstretched..

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