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“They have an appointment with Barbn on the 20th and they know it,” Juan Cofio replies to the mayors of Navia


The Minister of Infrastructure, Juan Cofiño, yesterday showed his “surprise” about the fact that the socialist mayors of the Navia Basin publicly demand a meeting with Adrián Barbón, “as soon as possible”, to discuss the settlement of the AS-12 road. And, as indicated by the “number two” of the executive, the councilors have an appointment with the president of the Principality to address the situation of that deteriorated axis of communication, next day 20. “And they have known for a long time,” he added adviser.

On the political and social claims to address a thorough repair of the road that runs through the Navia Valley, Cofiño acknowledged that it is a “way to improve” route. However, he said that the actions that will be carried out will be carried out under the Principality Infrastructure Plan and not through an administrative concession for a fast track, an option that was put on the table during the previous term. In this regard, the head of Infrastructure made it clear that his department will not use “180 million on a fast track under an administrative concession regime.” And, as he explained, such an option “is not legally possible because of the restrictions to which the Principality is subject” and “neither materially in those terms”.

For his part, Melania Álvarez, Minister of Social Rights and spokesman for the executive, said yesterday, regarding this claim of the western region, that “the commitment of the government and its president is clear.” “We have always shown our willingness to dialogue and this case will not be an exception. That meeting will take place in the coming dates with the intention of seeking a solution or explaining the position of the government of Asturias,” he added.

Reviews of Podemos

The Secretary General of Podemos, Daniel Ripa, also referred to this matter. For starters, he said “the electoral promises are sacred.” “You cannot promise a campaign that was demanded for decades and then argue that the project is not rigorous,” said Ripa. In his opinion, “it is enough that there are always areas that pay the duck of promises not fulfilled.”

The leader of Podemos accuses the PSOE of “teasing people”, asks him to rectify and promises to fight on the Board “for Parliament to support the neighbors.” “The interests of the neighbors are above the parties,” Ripa said



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