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"They have not seen the rain before": Show how the water runs directly into the trunk of your Tesla and the video goes viral

A Twitter user surprised the Network with a video posted March 22, where when opening the trunk of his Tesla soaked by the rain, the water runs into the trunk.

"No one at Tesla has seen the rain before," the man commented on the design of the vehicle.

The tweeter not specific of what model it was. However, the car seems to be a Tesla Model 3, presented in 2016 and distributed since July 2017.

The recording has been shared more than 6,000 times and more than 21,000 users have marked it with 'Like'.

In one of his later tweets, he assured that Tesla vehicles "are generally excellent".

He stressed that negative opinions about the company and its products "are shared and retweeted like crazy," arguing that "people like to hate Tesla and electric vehicles in general."

When asked about the hood, he said that in that case there are no problems and that it is "very well designed".

Other users remembered with humor that Tesla is based in Palo Alto, California (USA), where rain is a very rare phenomenon.

At the same time, they indicated that the problem is not new to the industry, and many vehicles suffer similar design problems.

Another Twitter user posted a video showing the same flaw in a Volkswagen sedan under snow, with a much more serious result.

"Wait for winter," he said sarcastically to the owner of the Tesla Model 3.


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