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"They have revealed a survey on Messina Denaro". In handcuffs a Dia officer and a carabiniere

The investigation of the super-fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro is at a turning point. The most dramatic. This morning, the prosecutor's office in Palermo has triggered the handcuffs for two investigators, they are accused of having passed confidential information on some Trapani mafiosi of the wanted godfather's entourage. Heavy disputes for Lieutenant Colonel Marco Zappalà, an officer of the Carabinieri serving in the Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate of Caltanissetta, and for Giuseppe Barcellona, ​​an Arma member working for the Compagnia di Castelvetrano, the city of the red primula of Cosa Nostra. With them the former mayor of Castelvetrano, Antonio Vaccarino, was also arrested. He was already convicted of drug trafficking and then became a confidant of the secret services: he is accused of having acted as an intermediary and passed on to the boss Vincenzo Santangelo the transcription of an interception between two Trapani mobsters.

A chain of moles that was discovered by the carabinieri del Ros: the chief prosecutor of Palermo, Francesco Lo Voi, and the adjunct Paolo Guido now dispute the accusations of revealing confidential information and abusive access to a computer system. Vaccarino responds instead of aggravated aiding, from having favored the mafia organization. Reconstruction accepted by the judge of preliminary investigations Piergiorgio Morosini, who issued a precautionary custody order, accepting the reconstruction of the deputy prosecutors Pierangelo Padova and Francesca Dessì.

And now a disturbing scenario opens up: how many other confidential information on the Messina Denaro survey had already been filtered? And what is hiding behind the men of the institutions accused today of being moles? Zappalà suggested that he wanted to infiltrate Vaccarino into Cosa Nostra for information. But was it really so? For sure, it was Zappalà who passed confidential information: on 7 March 2017, he met Vaccarino in the cinema he managed in Castelvetrano and sent him a photograph of the interception he had received from Barcelona by mail. An email that has been intercepted. On the following day, Vaccarino met Santangelo and, passing him the document, he said to him: "With the use you know you should do and with the motivation that your intelligence knows that it pushes me". All words to be interpreted, these too were intercepted thanks to the bug placed in the car of the former mayor of Castelvetrano.

"They have revealed a survey on Messina Denaro". In handcuffs a Dia officer and a carabiniere

The former mayor of Castelvetrano Antonio Vaccarino, was an infiltrator of the secret services

The investigation

Lieutenant Colonel Marco Zappalà was considered until yesterday one of the most trusted antimafia investigators, he had also dealt with confidential investigations into the Falcone and Borsellino massacres. This morning, his colleagues from the Palermo Dia were arrested at the office.

The non-commissioned officer of the Carabinieri of Castelvetrano also had a long experience of anti-mafia investigations, he was in charge of following some delicate interceptions arranged by the prosecutor of Palermo, just one of these was revealed in real time to the clans.

And then there is the mystery Vaccarino: in 2007, the former mayor of Castelvetrano had been hired by the Sisde then headed by General Mario Mori for the most confidential of operations. For some time, he had entertained a correspondence made of pizzini with Messina Denaro. "To try to reach his capture," he said to the magistrates of Palermo when they investigated him for external competition in a Mafia association after having causally intercepted him during the investigation into the fugitive. And the secret services confirmed. "It is our infiltrator". Thus the investigation was closed.

The yellow

But really in 2007 Antonio Vaccarino had worked for the State? Or was he a double-player, once again to fuel his contacts with Messina Denaro? Retracing these events again, we must remember a news item that spoke more recently about that director of Sisde who then took care of the operation Vaccarino-Messina Denaro: Mario Mori, now retired general of the Ros, was sentenced in the first instance to 12 years in the State-Mafia Negotiation process. The negotiation that after the slaughter Falcone, three officers of the Ros (Mario Mori, Antonio Subranni and Giuseppe De Donno, all convicted) would have fielded with the former mafia mayor of Palermo Vito Ciancimino: "To stop the massacres", they always supported them. "Instead – it is the thesis of the accusation – they acted as a link between the requests of Riina and the State". The appeal process will begin on April 29th.

Meanwhile, there are still so many questions surrounding the inaction of the head of the Castelvetrano mafia who knows the secrets of the massacres and the negotiations, because at the time he was the "godson" of Salvatore Riina, the chief of chiefs: since 1993 of the bombs of Rome , Florence and Milan, Matteo Messina Denaro – sentenced to life imprisonment – has become impregnable. Probably, because of the protections that it still enjoys in some institutional environments.

THE PICTURE/ Messina Denaro, portrait of the young boss
THE PICTURE/ The godfather in double-breasted

THE PICTURE/ Pizzini, caviar and video games. The den

Two years ago, another man with a badge in his pocket – the secret service agent Marco Lazzari – was arrested for yet another leak: he had blown Gela's boss Salvatore Rinzivillo that he was targeted for investigating Messina Denaro , Yet another heavy draft arrived from the heart of Sicily.



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