They haven’t had such a DUDE in Jojkárská Bez sérvítky before: They’ve been waiting for him for a long time!

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Robert Tatai

17.03.2023TelevížiaBRATISLAVA – An exceptional chef will demonstrate his cooking skills on TV screens this evening. And that is Róbert Tatai (30), who can boast of having won the Hungarian version of the world’s popular Masterchef show. Will I be able to repeat my triumph in the jockey show Without a Napkin?!

Cooking competition No napkinwhich Television Oh broadcasts every weekday at 5:50 p.m enjoys great favor among viewers. The magic of success also lies in the fact that eccentric individuals, people with their own character, but also masters of the art of cooking often fight to win.

Well, and during this week, viewers had the chance to meet Róbert Tatai, who can boast that his cooking skills have already been rewarded once. And not just anyone. As a 24-year-old, the likeable chef won the Hungarian version of the Masterchef show.

His reward was a prize worth 33,000 euros, which he invested in opening his own restaurant in Komárno. As we learned, the creators of the show Bez servítky have been inviting him to participate in the show for a long time. However, the clever cook is quite busy with work, so they really had to wait for him.

We’ll see if it was worth it tonight. Today, Robo will prepare his menu for the other opponents. They do not hide the fact that they have high demands on Masterchef. “Today, what I expect from you, the precision, the quality and the food you put in front of us will sing for itself,” remarked one of them. You will find out whether he will be able to fulfill the expectations today at 17:50 on Jojka.

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