They hid 900 kg of drugs in an abandoned barn. Two bitontini arrested – Chronicle – A window always open on Bitonto

The maxi drug seizure carried out by the Bari mobile team in Ruvo di Puglia is equal to 900 kg.

In an abandoned barn, in the countryside on the border between the territory of Bitonto and that of Ruvo (at the intersection between the sp 36 and the sp 151), two men aged 48 and 44, both from Bitonto, were caught in the act of crime. – residing respectively in the hamlets of Mariotto and Palombaio – while they were weighing, storing and packaging marijuana cartons, ready to be taken away. Some of the drugs had already been distributed in numerous boxes and bags ready to be transported.

Furthermore, piled on the ground, there was further narcotic that still had to be worked on. If placed on the market, the drug would have yielded over one million euros.

The 48-year-old has a clean record, while the other had been on the run since June: an arrest warrant was pending on the 44-year-old for the crimes of receiving stolen goods and resisting a public official. It is not excluded, in fact, that the man had found a perfect hiding place in the stable (about 70 meters long), where the drug depot was discovered. So much so that inside there was a bed that allowed the two to sleep on the spot, possibly also carrying out guardian activities of the illicit substance.

Inside the structure it was seized for the packaging of scales, vacuum bags, boxes and electric generators. The two were taken to prison at the disposal of the judicial authority.