They humiliated Zsuzsa Nyertes

Zsuzsa Nyertes cried a lot in the Farm VIP, many people hurt her.

Winner Zsuzsa was very scared by her family before the Farm VIP, her partner specifically tried to dissuade her from the competition, but she definitely wanted to try herself. The actress looks back on the reality show filmed in the summer with good memories, but she does not deny that she suffered from the days she spent there. His colleague, Viki Szorcsik, and former luxury wife, Dalma Smaltig, offended him already on the first day.

Source: TV2

“While I was young and beautiful, I would have understood if they were cheating on me. I also felt that there was a kind of rivalry on the part of the Vikis towards the beautiful little Andika. Well, as a 63-year-old woman, I don’t think I can kick a ball next to them anymore, so I was very surprised. , and I don’t really understand why I was the target,” he told Story.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t think about my partner’s words, why as an actress I had to accept that they could humiliate me and speak out in front of a country

– Zsuzsa told the paper, who says that despite what happened, she cannot be angry with Viki, and Dalma is still a stranger to her, so her words did not hurt her.

Source: TV2

“I met Viki 20 years ago at Vidám Színpad. She was a sweet, cute girl whom I closed in my heart. Fate dealt him very hard things. He lost his younger brother, despite his talent, he does not have a worthy place in the profession. I’m not sorry, because he doesn’t want to hear that from me, but I can’t be angry with him. I forgive him almost immediately, no matter what he says

– said the actress, then emphasized: in her difficult moments, the other members of the team, Andi, Lajos, Miki, Norbi and Peti, were her biggest supports.


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