Entertainment They impose a bond of 133,333 euros to the...

They impose a bond of 133,333 euros to the accused of abuses in Big Brother


The judge investigating possible sexual abuse by a Big Brother contestant has imposed on this young man and the producer Zeppeling a deposit of 133,333 euros for ensure payment of responsibilities in case of conviction, in a car in which he opens oral trial. The head of the Court of First Instance and Instruction 2 of Colmenar Viejo (Madrid) has opened an oral trial against José María LP, contestant of the edition of Big Brother Revolution in 2017, for an alleged crime of aggravated sexual abuse of Carlota PA, as advanced this Thursday legal sources.

Facing the trial, which will be held at the Provincial Court of Madrid, the Prosecutor’s Office asks two and a half years in prison for José María L.P. for an alleged crime of sexual abuse, as well as compensation of 6,000 euros to both the accused and the producer, in the case of the latter for damages to the victim after exhibiting the recorded images of the facts.

The private prosecution requests seven years in jailThat the defendant does not approach the victim within 500 meters and that both the defendant and the producer freeze it with 100,000 euros each. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, on November 3, 2017, a party was organized inside the house of Guadalix de la Sierra (Madrid) “in which the program provided the contestants with alcoholic beverages.”

The facts, according to the Prosecutor’s Office

Carlota, P.A., who “had begun a romantic relationship” with the accused, ingested “scarce food, drank at least four shots of tequila” and “reached a state of drunkenness that was accentuated and evidenced.” About half past one in the morning and when they were both in the bedroom they occupied, «José María L.P., who had already taken off his pants, helped the other contestant to take off her shoes and get into the bed they had been sharing», According to the Public Ministry. “The accused then went to bed while the girl remained silent with her eyes closed, making slow and heavy movements due to her condition,” he says.

«José María L.P., guided by libidinous mood and knowing the state of semi-consciousness in which Carlota P.A. was, taking advantage of this circumstance began to perform under the comforter movements of clear sexual content although weakly babbling she said ‘I can’t’, ”adds the Prosecutor’s Office.

Then, according to the brief, the defendant pressed his body against the girl’s to «satisfy her sexual desire even though she twice raised her hand as if to tell her to stop»; José María L.P. asked “the contestant to open her eyes but the victim remained motionless.” When the defendant asked him how he was, he only said “take off” and turned.

José María L.P., “continued performing touches, rubbing and movements of purely sexual content, stripping the victim of her clothing, partially freeing her of her underwear and unfastening her bra” despite her “state of unconsciousness.” Later, the young woman uncovered, revealed “her inert state, which motivated the intervention” of a member of the program who until then “was not in a position to know” what was happening because the defendant covered himself with the comforter. The recorded images were displayed to the young woman in the morning in the room called ‘Big Brother Confessional’, which caused her «an increase in the state of restlessness, disorder and mood disturbance that the events suffered hours before had produced him ».



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