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They investigate three for the feminicide of Isabel; girl reported missing in Cuautepec

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First, the disappearance of Isabel “N”, a four-year-old girl, was notified on July 11, but five days later, that is, on Friday night, her body was found lifeless in a wooded area of ​​Cuautepec, Gustavo A mayor’s office. Madero, with signs of violence. Capital Investigation Police (PDI) arrested his mother, stepfather and grandmother, for being suspects of the crime.

Isabel’s body was found by the PDI after the alert from her biological father, who even pointed out the three detainees as responsible, as they were violently assaulting her.

The capital’s prosecutor’s office reported that a call made to the relatives led them to find the exact location of the body of the minor, who was in a suitcase.

Sources from the institution mentioned that so far the autopsy had shown that the victim suffered constant sexual abuse.

In the amber alert issued by the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ), it is said that she was seen for the last time in the company of her mother, María “N”, on Ricardo Palmerín private street, Cuautepec Barrio Bajo.

It is known that after the disappearance, María “N” and her partner identified as Noé fled without being able to be located by the authorities.

The FGJ initiated the corresponding investigation folder for the complaint of facts.

On Friday night, a direct relative of Isabel received a call in which they told her where the minor was, for which she notified the authorities, who found the body and started the folder for the crime of femicide.

Thus, elements of the PDI detained Noé “N”, María “N” and Yessica “N”, the latter 44 years old, who are Isabel’s stepfather, mother and grandmother, respectively, for possible drug possession and for be related to the feminicide of the girl.

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