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“They leave the waste on the street because they are afraid that Raggi will win again”

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June 29, 2021 9:25 am

On the day that marks the further tear between Virginia Raggi and the world of institutions committed to finding solutions to the waste emergency, further confirmation arrives of a narrative from the junta aimed at clearing the grillina administration and those who guide it. He is the councilor for waste Katia Ziantoni to evoke the plot, with very clear words.

“They are afraid that Virginia Raggi will win again. And for this reason they are deliberately leaving the waste on the street, holding Rome and its citizens hostage,” writes the Capitoline waste manager. Ziantoni continues: “After the arrests of the former regional manager of the waste cycle, the regional system, already precarious, has gone into crisis and the capital and its citizens are paying the costs”.

Virginia Raggi’s unscrupulous narration on the waste emergency

So, coming out of the plot, the former councilor of Tor Bella Monaca promoted to the Campidoglio explains the choice of the mayor of the metropolitan city to sign an order to reopen the Albano landfill: “Already in today’s technical table we had told the Prefect that the reduced treatment capacity of the plants is linked to the absence of outlets in Lazio landfills and to the technical and economic difficulties of starting agreements outside the Region. The hypotheses of Roccasecca and Albano, in fact, were already being examined by the Bodies convened at the Ministry of Ecological Transition . The Civitavecchia landfill itself will run out of residual volumes in August. Thus a regional waste plan based on landfill disposal remains with only one plant in the whole Region, that of Viterbo “.

Katia Ziantoni, the councilor for waste who says no to everything: Raggi’s weapon to recapture the VI town hall

Ziantoni defends Raggi and attacks the commissioner Valeriani: “Virginia Raggi, as Mayor of the metropolitan city, intervenes now due to the inertia of the Lazio Region and the inadequacy of its waste plan. We remind Valeriani that no Province is autonomous, as well as no Municipality is autonomous. Its regional plan, among other things, provided for 36 months from the adoption, which took place in August 2020, to achieve self-sufficiency of the ATOs, or provincial areas. But these bodies, after more than 20 years, they have never even been foreseen “.

Ziantoni responds directly to Valeriani who had attacked a few hours earlier saying that “the Mayor Raggi made absurd statements on the waste emergency, announcing measures not communicated at the meeting in the Prefecture. Yet another sign of the dramatic confusion and approximation that reigns in the Capitol”. Valeriani explains that “the municipal administration in these 5 years has not made any choice that would really help solve the waste issue, refusing to fulfill its competences established by law. The result is a city full of waste and a tax, which weighs heavily. on the pockets of the Romans, among the highest in Italy due to the need to dispose of waste elsewhere, given that Rome, the capital of Italy, is not self-sufficient. Not to mention separate waste collection which has stopped for years at 45%. Again this time the Lazio Region will assume its responsibilities by accepting the unanimous request of the participants in the institutional meeting to extend the ordinance that provides for the delivery of Roman waste to the Viterbo landfill. the plants needed to close the waste cycle “.

“They are afraid that Virginia Raggi will win again. And for this reason they are deliberately leaving the rubbish on the street, holding Rome and its citizens hostage”


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