They lived in excrement and garbage, two sisters died – Sicily

They lived in a public house in the Nisseno area

(ANSA) – MARIANOPOLI, JUNE 26 – They lived with their mother in a council house among excrement and garbage. It is in this situation of degradation that two sisters from Marianopoli (Caltanissetta) died, both in their fifties, who died this morning within hours of each other. To make the discovery the carabinieri who had been warned by some people who raised the alarm. When the soldiers arrived in the house where the two sisters resided, they found one of the two already lifeless, the other, however, was in very serious condition and was transported by ambulance to the emergency room of the Sant’Elia hospital in Caltanissetta. but she died along the way. According to some testimonies, the two ladies did not associate with other people in the village but always lived alone. At the moment, investigators hypothesize that they died from the severe state of malnutrition and poverty in which they lived, accentuated by the strong heat of these days. The elderly mother also shows severe signs of malnutrition. An autopsy was ordered by the judiciary which opened an investigation. (HANDLE).


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