They meet with prosecutor to demand justice for murdered lawyer and activist

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.— Members of the Citizen Political Front for Human Rights went today to the Attorney General’s Office of the North Zone State, to demonstrate for the rights of citizens in Ciudad Juárez and to demand truth and justice in the case of the murder of lawyer and activist José Castillo Castañeda.

According to Silvia Aguirre Lomelí, representative of the Family Center for Integration and Growth (CFIC), the members of the front managed a meeting with the District Attorney for the North Zone, Jesús Manuel Carrasco Chacón, to deliver a statement and request the 4 rights of restorative justice for victims of violence.

“The first, that the truth be known: what happened and who had to do with it; the second, that justice be done; the third, that the people who were affected have the damage repaired, and the fourth is the guarantee of non-repetition, so that this does not happen again to any lawyer in Ciudad Juárez and to any human being, ”Silvia Aguirre reported.

José Castillo Castañeda was a lawyer and activist who worked for the rights of children and adolescents. He also served as an actuary for the execution of sentences in the Institute of Pretrial Services of the Superior Court of Justice of the State Government.

On October 27, 2021, José Castillo was murdered outside his home, in the San Antonio de Ciudad Juárez neighborhood. Aguirre Lomelí commented that no information is yet available on the possible motive for the murder.

Other members of the front, businessmen and deputies Benjamín Carrera Chávez and Gustavo De la Rosa Hickerson attended the meeting with the prosecutor of the North Zone.

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Yesterday, the organizations that make up the front also made a statement at the facilities of the State Commission for Human Rights in Ciudad Juárez, in which they condemned the murder and spoke out for the three levels of government to assume their responsibility for maintain public safety in the city.

Organizations condemn the murder of lawyer and activist José Castillo Castañeda