They offer $40 million to clarify the murder of a doctor of Leon XIII

As he was preparing to store his vehicle near his work, at the Leo XIII clinic, the doctor Magnolio Palacios Mosquera He was attacked this Wednesday at 6:45 in the morning by three men and although he did not resist, one of the attackers shot and killed him on the spot.

A security camera recorded how one of the men talks on the phone while walking down the street where the doctor was parked, to make sure there were no witnesses to the event. Seconds later, another man approaches from the back of the vehicle and attacks Palacios through the driver’s window. He violently yanks him out of the vehicle, at which point the other two henchmen approach the car.

While the man is being shot, another subject enters the car but apparently tried to flee. He didn’t find the key. Minutes later they escape from the scene and leave the doctor on the floor.

The Commander of the Metropolitan Police of Valle de Aburrá, General Javier Martín, He stated that, although they do not rule it out, they believe that it was not a theft because all the doctor’s belongings, the cell phone and the wallet, were intact.

The Police offered up to $40 million in reward for information leading to the whereabouts of the three responsible for the murder of the doctor who was from Chocó.

The president of Asmedas Antioquia, Gonzalo Velez Lopez, He pointed out after the fact that “the violation of the medical mission and the violent interference in the exercise of the profession have become customary, which often intends to turn health personnel into intermediaries of interests other than the search for health and well-being of people and of society in general”, and asked the authorities to investigate the causes of the murder while expressing sincere condolences to his relatives, the clinic and his co-workers and friends.