they postpone their hearing for January; judge orders him to go

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A federal judge ordered former presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya to physically appear at the hearing where he will be charged by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) for allegedly receiving a bribe of 6 million 800 thousand pesos to approve the energetic reform in the past administration.

Marco Antonio Fuerte Tapia, control judge of the criminal justice center assigned to the Prison Note, warned the PAN that in case of not attending the hearing that was rescheduled for January 31 at 9:00 a.m., the FGR may exercise its power to use any means to present it to justice.

During the hearing in which he would be charged for his probable responsibility in the crimes of operations with resources of illicit origin, bribery and criminal association, Ricardo Anaya, who was wearing a blue plaid shirt, requested prior to the indictment that his lawyer Eduardo Aguilar Sierra be allowed to speak.

The judge allowed the litigant to speak, who asked that the hearing be postponed for 40 days, which requires time to carry out an adequate defense because the investigation file against his client consists of 137 thousand pages. He indicated that he would need eight hours a day to complete this task, which would take 284 days.

“The accusation is absurd and completely false, and I need time to prove it,” declared the litigant.

For his part, the control judge pointed out that on November 5 it was ruled that the appeal to try to postpone the hearing was inadmissible because there are already two postponements. However, the lawyer said the August hearing has only been postponed once.

The judge asked the prosecutors whether or not they opposed Ricardo Anaya’s defense request, to which they responded that they endorsed such request and respected the decision issued by the judge, who in turn asked again if they opposed it and the FGR replied that it was not.

The members of the Financial Intelligence Unit Neither did they oppose it, and neither did the legal representatives of the Chamber of Deputies.

Faced with this situation, Marco Antonio Fuerte Tapia considered that in order not to affect due process and at the request of the defense and without opposition from the FGR, he rescheduled the hearing for January 31, 2022, but warned Anaya that he must appear physically .




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