They propose to consider gyms as health agents for their contribution to physical, mental and social well-being

The national deputy Ximena Garcia, of Together for Change, presented this Thursday a bill to consider gyms as health workers and establishments of other sports activities for their contribution to “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being” in people.

The proposal, which arises from the joint work meetings carried out by the deputy and the Chambers of Gyms throughout the country in recent months, includes among its measures the integration of these activities among the beneficiaries of Decree 300/2020, and its extension, which establishes benefits for health agents such as the establishment of Credits rate 0% to 48 months.

In its foundations, the project indicates that activities in gyms and other sports “promote healthy habits, prevent diseases, foster social ties, and contribute to the development of a full life.”

García explained that the initiative would benefit not only monotributistas and self-employed who carry out these activities, but also more than 7,900 gyms and sports clubs that employ 80 thousand people in a dependency relationship and employ more than 180 thousand physical education teachers and instructors from various disciplines.

“We are very concerned about this situation, since thousands of jobs are at risk in the face of a desperate situation in which these SMEs are unable to cover their current expenses, not even in the cases in which they have reopened their doors, “he said, according to the news agency. Telam.

In Mar del Plata, from Tuesday the gyms were enabled to operate under a pilot test for 14 days, only for low intensity activities in one hour shifts – 15 minutes to disinfect -, respecting the minimum distance of 1.5 meters of separation between people with a “square” of work.

Ariel Caltabiano, Secretary of the Chamber of Gymnastics of Mar del Plata said days ago to 0223 that at the country level there were 900 physical training establishments that had to close their doors while in the city two closings were verified.


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