Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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They put 14 hours to make the Bastia-Nice, the passengers accountable to Moby


This is a crossing that had to seem never ending. Parties up to 8 hours of Bastia Monday morning, the passengers on the boat could not dock in Nice to 21 hours. A journey of 14 hours.

The travelers had even been invited to embark on Sunday evening, at the time at which the departure was initially planned. But in the face of the storm, the ship was able to leave Corsica the next morning.

It must be said that the weather conditions were particularly bad in this beginning of the week.

Finally, a good port, some passengers did not hide their anger. All the other companies had chosen to cancel the rotation and to repay the notes.

in the Face of discontent, the chairman of Moby Lines France was justified to Corse-matin. “Sunday, prior to boarding, we have informed our passengers that we could not leave because of the storm and the fact that the port of Nice, was closed, and we offered them the cabin for the night, as well as dinner and breakfast, he stated. in We did not want to take the risk of starting on Sunday.”

And added: “We have taken the decision to set sail on Moby Zaza on Monday morning because we had been told that the weather is more favourable in the early afternoon, but finally, the time has not improved.” “Against the bad weather, we can do nothing”, he recalled.

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