They put the Dutch prime minister under guard: the mafia would be looking to kill or kidnap him | International

Dutch authorities reinforced the security of the acting prime minister, Mark Rutte, after confirming that he is the target of an attempted attack or kidnapping by organized crime in the Netherlands.

The security team of the acting Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, noticed the presence of various lookouts sent by criminals to closely observe a target and explore the best way to tackle an attack or kidnapping, with the intention of devising the prior plan for the hitmen to carry out the attack.

The information was confirmed by official sources to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf and the television NOS, and exposes a threat that breaks the schemes of a country where Rutte has always been averse to personal safety and has become used to moving with some freedom, touring The Hague on his bicycle to go to work, and with a security team that has limited himself to observing from a distance.

The Prime Minister is now protected by special agents of the Royal and Diplomatic Security Service (DKDB), with “visible and invisible” measures, and the investigation of the threat against the leader of the Dutch Liberals is in the hands of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office, who refuses to comment on the matter.

Strikethrough of attacks

After the 2019 shooting murder of the lawyer Derk Wiersum, representing Nabil B, a protected witness against Ridouan Taghi, the leader of one of the most feared criminal organizations in the Netherlands, the authorities reinforced the security of dozens of people who could be targeted, which included judges, prosecutors, journalists, agents of the police and relatives of victims and witnesses.

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However, the assassination in Amsterdam of Wiersum was followed by that of Riduan B., Nabil’s brother, in an attempt to flatten the witness, so that he does not participate in the ongoing trial against Taghi and his right-hand man, Said Razzouki, arrested in Dubai (2019) and Medellín (2020) respectively, after years on the run from the Dutch Justice.

Furthermore, last July, the Dutch reporter Peter R. de Vries, specialized in investigating organized crime in the Netherlands, he was shot in the heart of Amsterdam and died in hospital, after a week fighting for his life. He had been personally advising Nabil to collaborate with the police in the investigation of the mafia.

Following De Vries’s murder, Rutte promised to “ensure that justice is done” and to do “everything possible to fight crime by all possible means, because this cowardly act must not go unpunished.”

In both the case of Wiersum and De Vries, organized crime had sent lookouts to plan the murder, which alerted the police, although it did not prevent the crime.

In the Netherlands, the trial for the “Marengo Case”, one of the most high-profile trials in the country, in which five murders and several attempted homicides linked to Taghi’s men are prosecuted.

In this judicial process, Taghi and Razzouki are accused of leading a criminal organization that commissioned several murders in the underworld, such as that of a well-known reporter specializing in organized crime issues Martin Kok, in 2016, who was previously tried to kill with a bomb placed under his car, near Amsterdam.

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