They question arbitrariness in the vaccination of health personnel in Neuquén

The vaccination of health workers in Neuquén only reached 50% and the unions in the sector expressed their criticism of the way in which they were “arbitrary” segmentation used in hospitals to compile candidate lists.

“Since the vaccination plan began, we have requested that the lists of who are vaccinated and who are not are blanked, because this is discretionary. Each hospital director or zone chief defines “, alerted the union secretary of Siprosapune, German Naomi.

The doctor stated that the first to receive the doses should be “workers who have direct contact with patients, however sectors that only see the coronavirus on a computer screen have been vaccinated “. “We have already denounced this discretion,” he said.

The vaccination plan that Neuquén opened at the end of December segmented health personnel by degree of exposure to the virus, as reported. Thus, “front line” workers, intensive therapies, laboratories and SIEN should be the first.

For Alemany, on the other hand, that was not completely fulfilled. “In this second stage where the governor decides that he is going to vaccinate people over 60, 4,000 health workers remained in direct contact with the coronavirus without vaccinating, like the technicians of the Castro Rendón hospital laboratory. It is arbitrary, “he said.

As reported by the government, From December 29 to yesterday, 12,821 first doses of the vaccine against covid-19 were placed in the province: 7,952 to health workers and 4,869 to people over 78 years of age. The complete schemes so far are 3,517, all corresponding to health personnel.

The universe of health workers in the province is around 16,000, so close to half have received at least one dose. Today the government reported that, By the end of this week, it will have reached 70%.

“This demagogic thing about using the vaccine for political campaigning is despicable, especially because we know the conditions in which you are working. It is okay to vaccinate older people, but when there are more and all health workers are vaccinated, something that has not happened yet, “said the Siprosapune leader.

He also warned that “vaccines are being denied to professionals who have taken leave of absence due to risk factors and are willing to return to work.”

The representative of the Internal Board of ATE in the Castro Rendón hospital, Juan Millapán, agreed that “no sector is complete” and in that only 50% of the personnel of that hospital (about 2,500 workers in total) received at least the first dose of the vaccine.

“We understand that there is a global problem, it is not only here the lack of doses, but at this point they are not all vaccinated yet. No one can disagree with the vaccination of the elderly, but a batch was produced that was for health personnel to give to another sector of society “, he raised. “It is the problem of the short sheet,” he evaluated.

Regarding the way in which the personnel within the hospital were segmented, he considered that “it was decided to start with doctors, kinesiologists, nurses and maids from the Covid Unit, but the entire hospital is Covid.” “A person who goes from sector to sector doing maintenance is also exposed,” he said.



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