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They reconciled? Adamari López shows the engagement ring that Toni Costa gave her

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The question everyone is asking:Adamari Lopez Y Toni Costa would they be giving themselves a second chance?

Although nothing could be assured, the truth is that the Puerto Rican presenter appeared in a video announcing that she would go on vacation, in which she clearly shows her engagement ring with the Spanish dancer.

In a video posted on Tell me what you know (Telemundo), it is seen that despite being separated from the father of the little girl Alaïa, the host of Today he has not wanted to get rid of his ring.

For several days, Costa has been on vacation with Alaïa in her native Valencia, Spain. Speaking to People en Español, the dancer said that López would catch up with them despite being separated.

“Adamari is going to join the trip a little later along with her brothers,” he said. “[Mi familia] he adores Alaïa and López. They are very familiar like me. They are going to come with the whole family for August. “

Mezcalent Toni Costa and Adamari López

On Loose… they also let it be known that today the Puerto Rican would be arriving in Madrid, where Toni would pick her up at the airport.

While Toni and Alaïa have had a wonderful time on Spanish soil, López has not stopped surprising. He even said he needed a “sweetie”.

In all this time, Toni has not lost hope of returning to López. “We intend to work on the relationship,” he told People Español exclusively. “Hopefully we can retake [nuestro amor]”.

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