They recreate the life of the mythical Tebdemir through art

Monday, March 20, 2023, 00:15

‘I, Tebdemir, hero and dux’ is the new cultural project that the Riba-roja de Túria City Council has created with the aim of enhancing the figure of this mythical historical figure who populated the lands of Riba-roja in the 18th century. VIII. On March 24, 25 and 26, artistic creations around the Visigothic figure will be represented. Doge Tebdemir, who held enormous power in the palatial town of Pla de Nadal, deserved recognition through three artistic creations, which will help us better understand life and culture in the Visigothic era.

‘Tebdemir, Dux y Rex’ is the literary creation of Ricardo J. Montes, an Onteniense writer who has inspired a fictionalized story of the visionary who ruled a Christian kingdom within the Caliphate of Damascus. The writer goes back in his history to the year 733 and recounts the story and adventures of the Doge who extended his governance beyond the Arab invasion and who built the palace in Riba-roja de Túria of which the site is preserved today. archaeological site of Pla de Nadal.

king functions

Montes has reflected in his novel the character “who exercised the functions of king in the judicial, administrative, military prosecutors and public order spheres” and has indicated “I have tried to tell the life of Tebdemir through a fictional novel, a didactic and entertaining way.

Under the artistic direction of the choreographers and dancers, Marta Fernández and José Huertas, the resident ballet that bears their name, will represent ‘Tebdemir, the last Visigothic betrayal’, on March 25 at the Municipal Auditorium. In her intervention, Marta Fernández has outlined the role of women as key in the entire creative process of Tebdemir, ‘as a resident company we are proud of this representation and it is a real challenge. We have valued that Riba-roja is dance’.

Music is another of the fundamental pieces of the project. The prestigious director and composer José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana puts this character to music with the work Dux Ripa Rubea, a piece that will be directed and performed by José Pascual Arnau Paredes who will conduct the Unión Musical de Riba-roja Symphonic Band that will put on the stage from the Municipal Auditorium to 86 musicians on March 26. The mayor of Riba-roja, Robert Raga, has described the initiative as “one of the great cultural projects of the legislature. Tebdemir was a historical character who marked the pillars of the modern history of our territory, and without whom we cannot understand the confrontation between the Visigothic and the Islamic world.