They reduce anxiety, protect the heart and prevent tumors: the (many) reasons to introduce these seeds into your diet

We never eat them because we don’t know their multiple benefits: if you include these seeds in your diet you fight and prevent various health problems.

Breakfast is the most important mealyet we often overlook it. A quick coffee and that’s it, you fly straight to lunch. In reality, the morning is the time when we should ingest energy substances that will help us face the stressful day. Among the advice of doctors there is always lo yogurt, cereal and fruit. But then you can vary up to a savory breakfast, or indulge yourself with homemade cakes and protein creams.

What to eat for breakfast –

To each his own. Among the cereals, muesli is also highly recommended thanks to its concentration of fibres. Then there are those who instead make an extreme mix of cereals and seeds and in that case they win over all the choices. This because the seeds, in general, have a great energy charge, perfect for the morning meal as they are rich in good fats. Of all the edible seeds, few are aware of the hundreds of beneficial properties of seeds sunflower seeds.

All the beneficial properties of a breakfast with sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds improve skin health thanks to their very high vitamin E content, also, I am a cure for the heart, and some studies have highlighted their anticancer power: they reduce the risk and stabilize the most serious states of anxiety. They are not recommended for problems such as obesity and bulimia as they tend to make you fat quickly, so if there are problems with food intake they could create the reverse effect.

Sunflower seeds and their beneficial properties –

Excellent instead for a balanced diet of healthy people. According to doctors, 1/4 cup provides almost all of the recommended daily value of vitamin E, plus protein, fiber and magnesium and B vitamins. In short, a health bomb. Precisely because of their concentrated qualities it is better to eat them together with other foods, excellent for example with muesli in the morning.

Vitamin E is able to protect the skin from free radical damage, and the healthy fats in the seed allow our skin to remain luminous and hydrated. It is a true beauty secret. They can be found in all slightly larger supermarkets, in the seeds and dried fruit department, instead difficult to find in the smaller supermarkets of the historical centres. But to date it is not a product that is scarcely available.