They reveal the diet that keeps Cristiano Ronaldo in shape at 36

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Maintain the physique of Cristiano Ronaldo It is not an easy job at all, in fact, it requires much more than your daily training, such as a good rest and a good diet. Now, some of his teammates sent him to the front in terms of how careful he is with his diet, but they also revealed which is the player’s favorite allowed.

Just a few weeks ago, his colleague at Manchester United, Lee Grant, assured that Cristiano is very demanding about what he can and cannot eat during times of concentration. Sharing what one of the first dinners they had together was like, the footballer said: “So we were taking a look at what he has and obviously it is the cleanest and healthiest dish you can imagine.”

Cristiano has 354 million followers on Instagram. Source: (Instagram @cristiano)

A few weeks ago, the Italian chef Giorgio Barone shared with the newspaper “The Mirror” what he cooked for Cristiano Ronaldo during his stay in Turin when he was at Juventus. There, the soccer player enjoyed extremely balanced dishes such as: seafood (prawns and octopus), lean meats such as veal, whole grains (such as black rice) and many salads.

But that was not all, since the professional also confessed that he was asked to cook with coconut oil and to keep sugars, fats and carbohydrates to a minimum. Apparently, the specification was not only for Cristiano’s food, but also for the rest of his family consisting of his partner Georgina Rodríguez and their children.

The footballer also allows himself some cheats in his diet. Source: (Instagram @cristiano)

Cristiano Ronaldo’s allowed

Despite sticking to an extremely strict diet, Cristiano also indulges from time to time. Who sent him to the front was his partner José Fonte, since he shared that he saw the footballer eat everything throughout their time together. In fact, he described some of the healthiest meals he eats every day: “Obviously, as a rule, eat well and clean. You already know good quinoas and all these healthy things. Lots of eggs, sweet potatoes, broccoli, he likes that. “

In addition, it was also mentioned that after some of his matches, the player also enjoys a great steak with fries and fried egg, a popular meal in almost every corner of the planet. However, Ronaldo has his favorite place: bacalhau à Brás, a place that specializes in Portuguese food.


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