they reveal what happened

A few days ago Anais and Manon Quadratus, the twins of the 2016 edition of Secret Story, had aroused great concern on their social networks by sharing strange messages there. The two young women published a call for witnesses concerning a road accident which occurred near their home, in the area of ​​Marseille. “If someone witnessed the accident that occurred yesterday at 11 am on the Aubagne-Marseille highway at the level of the Foreign Legion, please contact us quickly by email,” wrote Anais. Before adding an enigmatic message. “We are absent from the networks for several days, the most important being our family. Take care of yourself, in a few minutes everything can change… We love you ”.

We now know a little more about what really happened. “Manon and I are fine, don’t worry. Someone close to him was affected, procedures and a long hospital stay are underway, ”reassured Anais this weekend. Monday, the young woman said a little more about what really happened. “It was mom who was touched. She had a serious car accident. It was an accident that occurred on the highway. The person, as you will understand, made a hit and run. Autan tell you that the world of all five has completely collapsed, “said the former reality TV candidate. If their mother’s days are “no longer in danger”, Anais and Manon still seem very worried. “There are very very serious consequences which I prefer not to discuss for the moment. We pray, we keep hope but it remains complicated. Procedures will begin. But since France is a very slow country, it takes time ”.

They also explained that their mom will have to stay hospitalized for a month and a half minimum.


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