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Maryerlin Villanueva | Lara’s Press – The candidate by vote lists the National Assembly, Freddy Bernal assured that until the cases of COVID-19 in Colombia, the border will not be opened Colombian-Venezuelan.

This decision emerges before the increased infections and the hospital red alert declared days ago in a Unified Command Post, by the governor of the North of Santander, Silvano Serrano due to the occupation of ICU beds.

“In these circumstances it is simply impossible, and that is why I ask the people of Táchira to understand me and understand the Government, as it is for the protection of the life and health of Venezuelans,” he said.

Bernal explained that Colombia is the third country in the world with the highest level of contagion, where in the department of Norte de Santander the cases of coronavirus exceed 25 thousand, while in the state of Táchira there are 5 thousand 600, which represents a difference of 332%.

“That worries us, because we in Venezuela have done what is humanly possible to control the pandemic, and they want to lift the controls, which seems crazy to us,” he said.

He said that in the State the cases do not exceed 100,000, and in the neighboring country, the figure exceeded one million, which “says that whoever has done it well, and who does it badly,” he pointed out.

Bernal hopes that in the neighboring country, its officials will stop “madness and irresponsibility” and control the pandemic.


Bernal stressed that the Special Economic Zone in San Antonio and Ureña, together with Carlos Trómpiz in order to activate trade in the border axis.

“We have met with Fedenaga, Asogata, Chamber of Tourism, Bar Association, Bakers Association, They agree, like me, that by covering epidemiological controls, we could tell the President of the Republic to open the border, “he said.

Tarazona priced

Given the complaints of the president of FundaRedes, Javier Tarazona On the existence of four tracks in the northern zone for drug trafficking activities, Bernal began to report on the coordinates of the same.

“His attitude is very suspicious, I would call the prosecution to call him, to tell him the exact place of the clues and that if he himself knows where they are, go with the Armed Force to destroy them if necessary “he pointed.

He stated that when the documents of the CIA, it will be evident that Tarazona is a “tariff of the gringos”, and its foundation is financed from United States.

“That man is a public prosecutor, who says anything, and is a salaried employee of the empire, because they pay him good dollars to say stupid things over and over again,” he added.

Information source: La Prensa del Táchira.



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