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“They said that …” The funny video shared by Chris Hemsworth

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UNITED STATES.- Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth, is finally on vacation after a few long months of filming. So, starting his free time, he decided to travel back to his native country, to spend time with his family and friends. This past weekend, he shared a hilarious video of a hilarious moment spent together with his loved ones.

After finishing his filming of Thor, the actor did not continue to share much content on his account Instagram, for which his fans were waiting for new content. So just a few days ago, the oldest of the Hemsworth brothers shared a video on what appears to be a motorcycle circuit in Australia. In this one, he is on top of a blue and white motorcycle, quite small for his height.

Sporting an amazing tan in a muscular T-shirt and a green cap, Chris Hemsworth got on this bike to meet a challenge. So he showed his followers how he was jumping the different obstacles that appeared on the road, without falling from the vehicle. “This man does everything right, it can’t be,” wrote one of the users in the comments.

“They said I couldn’t do it, I said: mmmm if I can…. then I did it # nohaymontañatanalta “, he wrote Chris Hemsworth in the footer of the post. In this video, it can be seen that he is with some friends, who are also on their motorcycles. The post reached more than five million views and around 4,000 comments in just one day.

Among the comments, most were praise for the Australian actor, expressing that he is capable of anything. This, taking into account that in addition to being an actor, he is also a surfer, a meditation guide, and a great fan of training. Many of the users even joked about this. “Is there something you don’t do right?” Wrote a fan account of the actor on Instagram.

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